10 Important Stats From This Week in Digital Marketing

10 Important Stats From This Week in Digital Marketing | Adweek Here are this week’s 10 most intriguing statistics from the digital marketing world, including a trio of basketball-driven data points as the NBA season is upon us. Check them out below.

1. That Matthew McConaughey SNL parody actually helped Lincoln. Amobee looked at the impact of Jim Carrey’s merciless skit from last weekend in terms of digital content and social media impressions. According to the company’s data, Lincoln saw impressions jump 103 percent from Oct. 25 to Oct. 26. Amobee said the boost represented the car brand’s highest peak of online mentions in the last three months, and was 86 percent higher than normal for the marketer.

2. MJ builds buzz. The Charlotte Hornets turned over their Twitter handle to the incomparable hoops legend, Michael Jordan, on Tuesday, attempting to stir up excitement for the new NBA season. Jordan, who played for the Chicago Bulls but is now a Hornets owner, helped lift the team’s Twitter following by 25,300, according to team reps. The Hornets exceeded 300,000 followers with the endeavor, celebrating a 9 percent lift in a single day—during which they also won their game versus Milwaukee.

3. King James goes home and provides slam dunks for sponsors. Per 4C’s report this week, LeBron James’ return to Cleveland has aided his brand immensely. But that’s only the beginning. The data company’s research shows that, since LeBron revealed he would play for his home state team on July 11, his sponsors have seen huge boosts in before-versus-after positive engagement on Facebook. Here are the brand lifts in terms of consumer interactions on the social platform, according to 4C: Dunkin’ Donuts (+ 6,016 percent); Beats by Dre (+ 5,861 percent); Nike (+ 4,736 percent); Coca-Cola (+ 4,128 percent); State Farm (+ 1,280 percent); and Samsung (+ 1,017 percent).

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