96% of Brands Worldwide Use #Twitter

The use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram has become almost mandatory for brands, with more than nine in ten companies around the world using these platforms, reveals a new study.

This report analysed the social media presence of 382 brands across 8 verticals and 17 platforms, and discovered that 96.3 percent were using Twitter. Only Facebook, which was being used by 100 percent of the brands surveyed, beat Twitter, with YouTube (94.2 percent) and Instagram (90.8 percent) also scoring highly in the poll.

In the survey Adidas topped the list with a presence on 13 different social platforms. The study also noted that Instagram had the highest engagement rate of all channels, while engagement rates on Google+ have fallen 98 percent in the past year.

http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/social-media-brands-worldwide_b61558Via mediabistro.com

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