Create hypothesis to strengthen your idea proposition in 5-minutes

hypothesis in lean marketing

The first step in our MVP experiment and take it down and boil it down to a one or two sentences hypothesis, that incapsulate what we’re trying to prove.

At the end of this post, you’ll learn how to work out a hypothesis for your idea that’s easy to understand, easy to construct specific and also test-able.

So how do we do this? It’s simple. It doesn’t take a lot of time to think on your idea.

The idea of hypothesis is that we are trying to compact the core essence into a sentence that we can actually test. We’re going to build our experiment around testing the hypothesis.

People do not write out their hypothesis and at the end of the experiment, they don’t even know what they prove because they don’t know what they are trying to prove.

Let’s just use a very simple template to writing this one down.

Hypothesis: Your brilliant idea

I believe ________________________(1) What’s your believe? subject? your potential customers, please be as specific possible.

will ___________________________(2) Actions, use your service, why they need it?

because________________________(3) Problems to be solved, confusion in competitors.

There’re 3 distinct parts in this and as you go through this process you’ll get more information and you start testing it out and you find out very quickly one or two pieces could be very wrong.

You might find out your customer group is not the one you thought it was. You might find out that your solution is not what it needs to be. It may direct you to do something else. You might also find out the reason why the solution is entirely different from the reason you thought it’s gonna be.

Write it out now in a piece of paper, you’ll revisit this paper to realign your hypothesis.



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