Digital will lead holiday shoppers to 345 billion in retail sales Deloitte is the latest company to publish their holiday survey for the upcoming season and so far, they get the prize for the best subtitle and Infographic.

The survey is subtitled: “Making a list, clicking it twice” which means shoppers will be turning to their mobile devices more than ever this year.

In 2013, only half the people in the survey had smartphones. This year that number rose to 67%. Smartphone owners are planning to spend 27% more on gifts than those without a smartphone so let’s hope your customers are the mobile savvy kind.

Tablet ownership is also up, 50% vs 38% last year. 65% said they’ll be using their tablets to shop and browse the internet for gifts. 57% said they expect to do their buying via a tablet.

When you add it all up, Deloitte says digital interactions will influence 50% of all retail store sales this holiday season. That’s $345 billion in cold, hard (even if it’s virtual payments to start with) cash.

In addition to mobile, social is doing its part to make the season more merry.

45% of respondents said social media will influence their buying decisions in some way. The majority use social sites such as Facebook and Pinterest to get gift ideas. They’ll also use social networks to find discounts and coupons and keep up with all of the holiday sales. 41% will pay attention to reviews and recommendations on social and 32% will use social channels to discuss the wish list with friends and family.

Only 21% said they’d be sharing links or posting comments so don’t worry if you’re not seeing a lot of sharing this season. People are reading and clicking, they just don’t have the brain bandwidth to share. . . or maybe they don’t want give away all of their shopping secrets. According to Deloitte, many shoppers will be in Veruca Salt mode this season; they want what they want and they want it now.

In the real world, 51% of consumers said they’d stay brand loyal if they couldn’t find what they wanted in a brick and mortar store. 29% said they’d try another location and 22% said they’d visit that same store online.

But those who start online are much less likely to remain loyal to any brand. 34% said if they can’t find what they want in an online store, they’ll just go to another online store. 29% said they’d turn to a third-party engine such as Google or a price comparison site to locate what they want.

In both cases, less than 5% of people said they’d give up on a gift idea if they couldn’t find it on the first try.

For marketers, this means creating social campaigns on the fly that let customers know you have that hot item their looking for. Don’t have the item? Then you’ll have to work extra hard to convince those buyers that what they really want is something else. Ho, Ho, Ho. . .

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