Google aims to spend 60% of digital marketing budget on programmatic campaigns

Via Google is aiming to shift more of its digital marketing budget into programmatically traded campaigns, and has set its sights on a 60 per cent target, according to its global chief marketing officer Lorraine Twohill.

Speaking to The Drum at the Web Summit in Dublin, Twohill revealed that Google is in the process of moving all of its campaigns, such as for its Chromecast product, over to programmatic “one by one”, and is working to overcome the current limitations of programmatic, which doesn’t currently cater for skippable ads.

“I want 60 per cent of my marketing digital spend to go through programmatic,” remarked Twohill. “The biggest barrier to getting to that is that the team gets the value, so retraining your team because it changes their jobs.

“There’s things in programmatic that aren’t quite there yet. I really care about ads where people can play and engage so skippable ads, mutable ads; programmatic doesn’t support that yet. I care about cost-per-click, programmatic doesn’t support that yet. I assume all this will come, I think it’s inevitable, but until all those things are there it’s hard for me to get to 60 per cent but we’re moving as fast as we can.”

Twohill predicted that all advertising will eventually become programmatic, including outdoor billboards, and voiced her surprise that all billboards across major cities are not yet digital, and called for innovation in the space which “sorely needs it”.

Another focus for Google is to communicate the shift from desktop to mobile and to highlight some of its hardware products, like Chromecast, something Twohill admitted has been challenging for the brand.

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