Mobile marketing budgets jumping 36% this year marketing budgets jumping 36% this year — but tools are still lacking – B2B marketers are attacking mobile with budgets that are jumping 11 percent over the next six months and an additional 17.5 percent over the next 12 months. But it’s clear they’re not terribly happy with the tools vendors are providing.

“Compelling solutions are still lacking,” one of the marketers VentureBeat talked to said.

The new data, published in a report released today, reveals that the biggest problem holding back B2B mobile marketing is lack of support and integration in the marketing technology tools they use every day. Almost 40 percent cited marketing software tool makers as the key issue:

Image from second biggest issue — and likely one vendors will point to as more important than marketers care to admit — is that many marketing professionals do not sufficiently understand mobile marketing. That’s been a challenge for years, of course, and will continue to be one as this space evolves rapidly.

Other issues include lack of budget — and a surprising cohort of 15 percent who don’t believe mobile marketing is effective.


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