Add Heatmaps and Web Analytics With Only One Line of Code Ptengine is a heatmaps and web analytics platform that has climbed to the top of the charts across Asia, and this week the team officially announced that they’ll be expanding their platform into the US and Europe. To date they work with over 8,000 different companies, including major names like Sony Music, Softbank, and Yamaha.

While their resume seemingly focuses on larger enterprises, Ptengine is open to helping companies of all sizes empower their digital marketing, UI and UX design, and web development teams with real-time analytics and visual representation of mobile and website traffic. That is, Ptengine enables businesses to holistically understand the performance of their individual web pages and entire site so they might stay relevant in their specific market. The design team, when developing Ptengine, found two major problems in the web analytics market. First, the tools are complicated to use, and second, the tools that do exist are very expensive.

“We hope that through the unique design of our product we can help people who will actually be able to use analytic tools by themselves and enjoy the value of that data,” says Allen Zhao, Senior Director of Marketing.

In addition to providing one of the very first heatmaps for mobile sites – across all devices – Ptengine also developed a dual-locating technology for more accurate positions of clicks on webpages. Further, companies that want to take advantage of this technology need only place one string of code into their site build.

Ptengine’s product design also won the Good Design Awards in Japan last October (2013).

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